12 helpful features the family can share

Personal Dashboard

All features and information accessible from any device by every member of the family care network.

Medication Manager

Real-time reminders, missed medication alerts, prescription renewal prompts and consumption register.


A wide selection of professionally produced interactive checklists to prepare for every step of the journey.

Care Reports

A simple survey of 20 key dementia indicators, to help identify health and behavioural changes over time.


Automated and user-generated text and attachments distributed across the family support network.

‘Friends and Family’

Timeline images of friends and family at different ages to help recognise them in the present day.

‘Time Machine’

Join your loved one on their time travels with music, film, events, and personal info. for every year since 1940.

Help & Advice

MOJO Mentoring is our support centre including workshops, forums, and specialist advice for all stages of care.

Wanderer alert

Our unique badges allow passers-by to notify you in case of disorientation or concern. Sent after 30 day free trial.

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#moments of joy


A big thank you to the lovely celebrities and everybody who took part in our campaign to create moments of joy for people living with dementia during lockdown.


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